Friday, March 30, 2007

Jumble in My Mind

It's my lunch break and I'm researching articles to include in my students' Spring Break Homework Packet. I just came across this article about a glass walkway jutting out of the west rim of the Grand Canyon.

My first thought upon seeing that small bit of glass and steel hanging over that endless canyon was pure awe. My second thought was that this cost $30 million, and while I find it incredibly important to support art, I'm also in the midst of dealing with situations of my students who are homeless and/or hungry. Thirty million dollars seems more than a little excessive in the face of such need. My third thought was a simultaneous feeling of Omigod, why have they altered such natural beauty and Maybe it will create jobs for Hualapai Indian tribe. Now, I'm stuck on the $30 million again.

In the end, I guess my main question is about balance. I do believe that art and sports and music are all extremely important and a necessary part of our society. And I know that the people who funded this Grand Canyon project would not take that $30 million to improve the living conditions of my students. But as a society, our priorities tend to be mixed up. And it trickles down to my students in some pretty strange ways; such as my student last year who lived in some of the worst projects in Far Rockaway, but had two little dogs named Gucci and Prada.

I'm thinking in circles now, and won't submit any of you reading to it. But I'm curious to hear any thoughts.

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