Sunday, April 29, 2007


Yesterday I went to Yankee Stadium with three friends to watch the Yankees play the Red Sox. I was slightly upset, because I haven't even been to a Mets game yet and they're the team I love. But how could I pass up tickets to a Yankees/Red Sox game?

Yankee Stadium is, indeed, amazing. And I was slightly nervous that the Baseball Neophyte that I am would turn out to love going to all baseball games, not just Mets ball games. In the end, it really is the Mets that I love. Yankee Stadium and Shea Stadium literally have two completely separate auras, and the one at Shea is for me, (no matter what insults my friend Jim throws my way because of this.) Not only was Yankee Stadium missing the Cowbell-Man, the stepping-up-to-the-plate music for every player, and funnel cake; but it replaced these things with a crazy tension that at one point erupted into a brawl two rows ahead of my friends and me. Needless to say, this is not really my scene.

The next ball game I go to will definitely be at Shea.

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Me said...

Lets go Mets!