Friday, April 27, 2007

Poetry and Confusion

Today is NYC's 5th annual Poem in Your Pocket Day. All the students and teachers have poems in their pockets. I had so much fun today sharing my poem with students and other teachers, and reading their poems. Such a simple yet brilliant idea to get the students excited about poetry.

This week there were two major events in my classroom: a trip to the United Nations and a challenge to spend a whole day screen-free since it is TV-Turnoff Week. We left the fantastic trip to the United Nations with posters that shared statistics about TB. Throughout the week I have shared other statistics about the health risks involved with spending all day every day seated in front of a screen. One student was out sick all week until yesterday, which means he missed the trip to the U.N. and all statistics related to TB and TV.

So yesterday afternoon, when one student asked about TB statistics, then another student asked about TV statistics, he got very confused. He came in this morning and said, "I told my mom about how watching TV can make you get TB. She wouldn't let me watch anymore." The phone call home to that parent might have been the strangest one of my career thus far...

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