Thursday, April 26, 2007

Today I...

...ate an entire box of Samoas.

...found out I really do get to finally graduate from grad school in a mere six weeks.

...played outside with a class of students with Downs Syndrome, only to find out two students had found the basketball we were playing with in the trash can.

...washed my hands for about twenty minutes straight.

...collaborated with my school librarian on organizing a project for my students.

...realized my school librarian is an amazing, untapped resource that I didn't even think of previously due to spending two years in a school that had no library.

...asked my school administration to pay for my students to take a rather expensive field trip that I knew my students' parents could not afford, and received a check within fifteen minutes.

And to think, it's only 1:00.

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Jules the Crazy said...

woohoo! a very big congrats on your upcoming graduation! and HURRAH for advocating for your students' field trip--that is fantastic and i'm sure they'll have a fantastic time, wherever it is. :)

and re: the cookies...hey, you're helping support the girl scouts. :D