Sunday, April 15, 2007

Let It Rain (Let It Pour)

In the midst of today's nor'easter I decided to trek to the Met to meet an equally-crazy friend. I arrived a little damp, but decided it was well worth the trip to revisit my favorite painting and see the exhibits "Barcelona and Modernity" and "Venice and the Islamic World." Two hours later I headed back into the deluge. I got back home completely drenched: my winter coat did not withstand the downpour, my jeans were soaked from my knees to my ankles, and each shoe could be categorized as a swamp.

Now I'm back where you're supposed to be on a rainy day--inside on the couch with my book, my mindless magazine, my computer, and the tv. I even ordered in food, forcing some poor man to deliver it on a bicycle. (I tipped him well, though.) And this Ok go song is stuck in my head. All this rain can't stop Sunday from being my favorite day.

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