Monday, May 28, 2007

Vacation Addiction

After a mere three days of vacation time in the Poconos with the boyfriend, I am finding that I have quickly figured out what to do when you're done with the grad school and not sure what to do with your extra time. I am addicted to vacation. And after such a short one, (and a little bit of research)I find I'm focusing more on the root word: vacate. As in, leave the U.S. and start working in France or Italy or one of these other countries where law requires much more vacation time.

Now I know what you're thinking: I'm a teacher. I already get a ton of vacation time. And you're right, but I signed on for another job this summer. And while I'm still excited about everything I will learn and be able to teach during those seven weeks, I'm also thinking about moving to Brazil, where I could sell back some of those days to my employer and have 30 consecutive (!!) days of vacation.

Besides, even with my great vacation time, my friends and family don't have those benefits. I do enjoy taking trips on my own, but it's also great to have some company. I think it's time the U.S. caught up a little bit. And since we Americans love to brag about how great we are, I think we should one-up everyone. Send a request to your local representatives: Forty-five consecutive days of vacation for everyone!

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