Friday, June 29, 2007

GoodBye Astoria

Today is the official moving day. In about three hours I will be picking up a moving truck and loading up all my belongings. I'm a bit stunned that the day is actually here. Although I've known about this move for months, it still seems sudden.

I have lived with my roommate for over two years. We are used to each other's patterns, we understand each other's nonverbal communication to an extreme level, we've become addicted to tv together...In short, we get along very well. It's strange to think of her living way over on that other coast.

So, me being me, here's a little nostalgic look down memory lane. Remember when:

you convinced me your friend Pheobe's house burned down from leaving the toaster plugged in.

we danced for hours at the P.S. 1 dance party.

we battled a sea of dog hair daily just to get up the stairs to our old, tiny apartment.

we went for walks during the 15 minute break during our first crazy summer of training.

you explained that the best way to dance to Rufus Wainwright's "Instant Pleasure" was the Greek way...then demonstrated for me.

you calmly talked me down into action when I called you in a panic after seeing a cockroach.

you showed me how you once captured tumbleweed...on the sidewalk in our neighborhood.

your sister officially adopted me into your family.

we went on the rock scramble in Mohonk.

you introduced me to IKEA.

we talked on the phone so much every day during our long commutes back home that I had to increase my monthly minutes.

I identified your "I.B." (I'm so freakin' clairvoyant!)

you realized how much I talk.

And, on that note, I'm going to stop. I'll just say it's been a great few years, and I expect there are many more wonderful things coming for both of us.

Goodbye Astoria:(

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