Saturday, June 30, 2007

When Is Enough Enough?

Three years ago everything I owned fit in the trunk of my car. Now...well, let's just say my level of consumerism is shameful. I thought it was mostly the books, the one area of my life where I have almost no self-control. But when I went back to the old apartment for some final cleaning, all the books had been removed. Yet I completely filled my car with stuff: a vase, kitchen utensils, a photo album, a potted plant, pots and pans, a chair, and more and more and more until the entire interior of my car was piled high with stuff.

Now, you might say some of this is good to keep, like the plant. But that plant's life is always in danger in my hands. Then you might say, but you need pots and pans. But I don't cook!! And half of those kitchen utensils, I don't use. Many of them have been residing in the back of a cabinet for the past two years. But move them, I did.

In the end, my friends who helped me move claimed this was the easiest move ever. But they've never moved with me before, so I don't think they really understand the standard that has been set. I think while I am unpacking I might try to minimalize a little bit. Of course, I do have more space now, so I'll probably just end up filling it.

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