Friday, August 17, 2007

The Bobbsey Twins

On this trip home I have been told more than ever before how much my mom and I look alike. It was an immediate joke amongst her work friends whom I met for lunch on my first day here. Later in the day, a woman told us we looked like twins. Today, while we were going for a walk, a woman compared us to the Bobbsey Twins.

When my mom told one of her friends about this, saying that she didn't see it at all, her friend said that we needed to go stand side by side in a mirror and then we'd see it. So today, after the Bobbsey Twin comment, we did. And what we saw? Two completely different mouth shapes, two entirely different noses, and eyes that slanted in different directions.

Our current theory is that it's because we carry ourselves the same way. We walk the same, stand the same, and more than once have caught ourselves in the middle of conversation with identical body language. But Bobbsey Twins? I think not.

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