Monday, August 20, 2007

Just finished round 2 of Arkansas-style Chinese food;)

My Arkansas trip is nearing an end. I've seen almost everyone in my family, read the final Harry Potter book, and visited with my best friend from high school. And I've managed all of this without the use of a car, since my mom's Jeep went into the shop on Friday afternoon.

However, the crowning achievement of the trip might just be getting my mom hooked on Speed-Scrabble. That's right, you have just one minute to lay down a word after the last player has put down their tiles. Our first game lasted just over fifteen minutes.

So what have I learned on this trip? (1) You should always plan to have a broken down car when you visit home (or plan to lie about it at least) because then everyone comes to you. Suddenly the whirlwind visit I'm accustomed to became an easy, relaxed vacation with lots of visitors and plenty of food. (2) I must work to spread Speed-Scrabble love. It might just be my calling.

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