Saturday, October 06, 2007

Illusions in the City

The other day I was walking the four blocks home from the bus after work. At one point, I walk under the BQE overpass. From about a block away you can see all the cars and trucks driving on the expressway. While the cars are barely visible, the trucks are completely visible except for the tires, which makes them look as if they are boats floating on a river.

Today I was standing on the subway platform with Alan when a train stopped on the other track. There was a little kid, maybe about three years old, holding onto the subway pole. But since you couldn't see the lower portion of his body standing on the seat, he looked like he was about five feet tall.

There were at least two more things that I wanted to mention that weren't quite as they seemed, but they have slipped my mind now. I love seeing these little pieces of the city, though.

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