Friday, November 02, 2007

Stephen Colbert in a Differnt Sort of Campaign

I'm trying to figure out a way to get track uniforms for my students, so one of the first places I looked was donorschoose. This fantastic website allows educators to write proposals explaining their classroom needs. Anyone can then log on to the website and find proposals they are interested in donating towards.

While it looks like my track uniforms might not quite fit the requirements for the site, I did stumble across a fantastic item sponsored by Stephen Colbert. I'm not sure if he started it or donorschoose came up with the idea, but all the presidential candidates have chosen proposals they are interested in and are trying to give those projects the extra push they need to be fully funded. You can "vote" for the presidential candidate of your choice for a fee of $10, which goes directly to one of that candidate's chosen proposals.

Definitely check it out and post your vote. And after you do that, contact me with any ideas you have for how I can get $6,000 for complete track uniforms and windsuits.

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