Sunday, November 04, 2007

Writing, Not Running

I've been up since 5:30 (thank you Daylight Savings time) and have been trying to force-write. It's so hard when the motivation is not there, but I signed on for nanowrimo this year and I am determined to finish it.

As I am forcing words onto the page (word count as of now is a measly 2,017...just 47,983 to go) I am learning all sorts of new things about my characters and their pasts. Even with the frustration of lacking freeflowing words right now, I still love the process. Hopefully it will all come together as a coherent piece.

It also serves as a good way to keep my mind of the marathon that is starting in mere hours. It seems that this is not the year for either my mom or me to run. My podiatrist put his foot down (pun intended) and said no due to the never-ending neuroma in my foot. So I have more steroid shots in my future and next week get fitted for my ultra-cool orthotic...yea! And my mom is laying in bed in my room. She is sick with something that was going around her workplace in the past couple of weeks, and half-heartedly trying to convince herself that she got dinghy fever while in Costa Rica two weeks ago.

Okay, I have now posted 228 words to this blog. Time to push ahead with my as of yet Untitled work of fiction.

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