Tuesday, December 04, 2007

It's Beginning to Look A LOT Like Christmas

Last night my soon-to-be roommate and I went out to get a Christmas tree. We had just parked on Manhattan Avenue and were taking our first glance at all the trees when a passerby suggested to us that we get a Frasier Fir. He made a strong argument for that particular type of tree, and Russ and I followed his advice. The man selling the trees came up to us towards the end of our conversation. He realized he knew our Christmas tree advisor. They gave each other hugs and said Merry Christmas, then the first man walked away. At that moment, standing there in the cold with all the people walking by and the signs of Christmas all around, I felt like I was in that opening village scene of A Christmas Carol.

We bought our tree, (a 7 foot Frasier Fir,) and a Christmas tree stand. I jokingly told Russ that I would carry the tree stand while he carried the tree. And he agreed! I followed Russ as he started walking down the street, and was admittedly a little too close when he made a quick 90 degree turn and almost took me out with our beautiful tree. Thankfully I ducked in time, a move that made two other passersby start laughing.

A few minutes later we were trying to get the tree into Russ's Jeep. He was pushing it in from the back, and I was by the passenger side door unsuccessfully trying to pull the tree in. Suddenly, Russ gave it a final strong shove, causing the tree to hit me square in the face. We both started cracking up, and again provided entertainment for people passing on the sidewalk.

We took the tree home and adjusted it several times to make sure it was straight, while Josh sat on the couch and took pictures of himself acting like Scrooge. (Even though I told him to take pictures of the process of getting the tree up.) The tree was up for about five minutes before the three of us decided we couldn't wait another day to get tree decorations.

So, one argument about what "trimming the tree" really meant, two stores, three hours, and four rounds of my Christmas cd mix later, we finally have a fantastic tree in our living room. Of course, the star we got for the tree wasn't quite to our liking, so it now sits atop a bottle of unopened wine on our dining room table, while Josh improvised a little with our angel. (Pictures soon to come...)

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