Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Still Awake

I am wide awake long past the time I'm usually nodding off. I have another case of busybrain. First and foremost, I'm going over and over my packing list for my trip to Denver. The suitcase is mostly packed, and I must say that I have to win for most creative way of packing snowshoes ever!! Second, I'm reading blogs, trying to get caught up on all the ones I like to visit before my personal five-day boycott of the internet. This one was particularly interesting to me, though I'm not really big on Valentine's Day. I'm also thinking about a meeting I have tomorrow. I'm not going to go into details because I have this wierd jinxy feeling that is quite unlike me, but if you read this before 4:00 on Thursday, send positive vibes my way! Finally, the thing that is really helping distract me from nervous feelings about tomorrow afternoon is a cd mix I'm making for myself called, "Come on, get work." It includes twenty upbeat songs ranging from Juanes to the Fratellis and from Ben Lee to James Brown. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it will work after a particularly rough week at work. Maybe, just maybe, the cd will be the key to my sanity...or at least my message to myself to just get over it and have some fun.

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