Friday, February 01, 2008

While I Was Working...

When Alan picked me up from work today, he was very excited to tell me what he'd been doing all afternoon. A college friend had introduced him to abandonware, a type of software that contains all sorts of old games that are no longer produced. So today he started with Oregon Trail. He told me he named a character after me. Our conversation:

Alan: You died, and it made me sad.
Me: Please don't tell me it was from dysentery.
Alan: It was! (followed by melodramatic hug.)
Me: Did you marry someone else after I died.
Alan: Yes. But the oxen lived.

Next he showed me Life and Death, a game where you pretend to be a doctor. He showed me how to do the basic patient check-up and how to look for kidney stones on an x-ray, then finally admitted that he had killed several patients because he did not know how to perform an appendectomy. But not to worry, he has already found a website explaining how to make the McBurney's incision, which included cross-references!!

Later he proudly informed me that he had indeed found Carmen Sandiego. While I am tempted to just make fun of him, I am actually more tempted to join in the fun.

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J said...

ooh! I loved Carmen Sandiego! Remember having to look up things in the almanac? Those old computer games rock!