Sunday, April 20, 2008


So the dog has officially taken over our lives. I knew how much it really took to take care of a dog...okay, maybe I didn't. Somehow that time was underestimated. Everything gets a little more complicated and suddenly my roommate and I are e-mailing, texting, and talking constantly about whether or not she's caught the frisbee, behaved well at the dog park, or pooped. It's gotten to the point that the other day, when Mona had pooped three times in one day, my roommate proudly cheered over her "hat-trick."

We have both completely fallen in love with her and all her quirks. Such as how she prefers ice cubes as a treat or nips my roommates nose to greet him after I take her on her morning walk. We do too much research on whether or not she should play tug o' war and both take the time to learn how to get a pit bull to release it's grip from her neck if, for some reason, she is ever attacked by one. So yes, it is bordering on obsessive.

But after a week, things seem to be calming down a bit and we're settling into life with a dog. Now she's snoring next to me on the couch while I survey how much shed hair is on our carpet. Definitely time to vacuum.

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