Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Today was a very bad day. It was bad to proportions not previously explored in my life in the year 2006. It was bad to the point where I began to question why I even bothered to wake up this morning.

When I got home, I checked my voicemail, even though there were a daunting 11 messages because I kept my phone turned off all day yesterday. The first message was from my friend Paddy inviting me to go out with her and a few people tomorrow night. At the end of the message, she also mentioned that she had a little accident that was kind of funny once you thought about it and she would tell me all about it. I decided to call her immediately.

While talking to Paddy, she shared with me her very bad day, which took place on Monday. That evening, she slipped on some ice while running to catch the bus, and since she had so much stuff in her hands she fell on her face, shattering three front teeth. The pieces of broken teeth were lodged in her lip, and had to be removed in the ER. She has stitches and some sort of gaurd on her teeth. (This may not be the exact story, because I spent most of the time she was talking to me about it covering my lip and wincing.)

Recalling her message, I asked her, what was the funny part of the story she had mentioned. She kind of laughed, then said, "I mean, I'm not overjoyed by it, but things happen." This attitude is why I've always loved Paddy. She also said, "Today it's a lot better. Today my lips are only twice their normal size. Yesterday they were three times their normal size." No one else I know could compare their swollen lip to an Indian myth about a man who fell on his face and is always pictured with swollen chin and lips, then laugh about it.

So now I thank Paddy. I'm not overjoyed by my day either, but at least now I can see the funny parts. Even if no one else can.

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