Sunday, May 28, 2006

Three-Day Weekends

It's Sunday right now, but I would like to refer to it as Saturday Number Two. It's amazing what a difference one additional weekend day can make, which is causing me to think about summer. There are 22 school days left. Summer is looming. And I'm beginning to worry I'm not taking full advantage.

I'll be spending a little time in California, hosting my 13-year-old cousin in NYC for two weeks, and making a trip home to Arkansas. This leaves roughly three weeks of un-used time. Will I stay at home or drive somewhere I haven't been before? I've never been to Canada, maybe this is the time for me to go.

Or, maybe I should do the reasonable thing and work some temp job to try to pay off my car, a.k.a. the financial bane of my existence. But I guess that depends on what kind of reasoning I'll be using to make my decision.

Before I begin to make myself crazy, I get down to a little googling. What should a teacher do with all this time off? Suddenly, I have a whole new list of options! I could do the Teacher at Sea program, or should I try to get into the Teacher's Belize Summer Workshop? Maybe I should shell out the extra money to go to the Educator's Symposium, which advertises itself as "an electrifying event to create electrifying results."

I guess the only remaining question is: Do I want to be electrified, or do I want to pretend that I exist outside of my job for a few weeks?

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