Saturday, May 27, 2006

Why Am I Awake?

It was approximately five hours ago that I was saying good night to my roommate and making my way to my bedroom. Except then she made a pitiful groaning sound, and somehow convinced me to stay up watching our latest Netflix arrival: Season One of Grey's Anatomy.

For not having cable, I sure have been watching a lot of TV lately, and it's not something I particularly like. I get sucked into something, can't stop watching it, and get into the typical I-choose-better-movies-from-Netflix-than-you-do argument with my roommate. I claim this argument is all in jest, but my roommate is still reeling from her recent viewing of The Importance of Being Ernest.

Let's not get into all of that, though. The point is, now we're both wired and I am stuck with the age-old question: To eat or not to eat? Anytime I am up past midnight, I get extremely hungry, usually for a cheeseburger. Right now, I am dying for chocolate ice cream.

So now, I'm very hungry with nothing to eat in the house, have gotten hooked on yet another television show, and am blogging to try to make myself sleepy when I really don't have to anything to write about. I apologize for you submitting you to this...

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Me said...

The sound was a streaching sound not a pitiful groan.