Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Catching On

I just finished my first day of the new school year, both as a teacher and a student. Though I am not as thrilled with returning to grad school as I am to be teaching again, it was awesome to be surrounded by many of the teachers that started at the same time I did. The best part was that for the first time, everyone was talking about how great their first days were. Everyone was exhausted, but also fairly calm and happy. It seems that we may have relaxed into our identities as teachers, as if Year One is pretending to be a teacher, Year Two is getting by as a teacher, and Year Three is being a teacher. I can't figure out a better way to put it, but I feel as if I've finally caught on to something, and I love that feeling.

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Rose said...

I spent my first year teaching wondering when the administration and other teaher would atch on that I was pretending to be a teacher. Luckily nobody does and after 14 years i am finally able to just be. Thanks for you blog. It's great!